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We provide an experienced, unbiased and impartial inspection.

Buyers are often looking at the aesthetics of the RV to determine that it will meet their travel and comfort needs. The excitement of purchasing an RV can lead the buyer to overlook the obvious and hidden condition of the RV. We inspect each RV using our inspection checklist in a methodical and detached manner providing a truly unbiased inspection. Confirming what you believe to be true is a good thing. Finding real or potential problems that you may have overlooked before you buy is even better.


Purchasing an RV can be one of most difficult decisions and significant investments that you and your family can make. 

                         Ask Yourself

  • “Am I getting a quality coach for the price?” 

  • “Are there issues that I am not aware of that may affect the functionality of the coach once we hit the road?”

  • “Should I worry about breaking down on my first RV vacation?”

Now offering Solar Installations 

Upgrading an electrical system gives more options so that you can explore in comfort!


Creating a sense of trust between buyers and sellers can be difficult.

  • Would you like to have the marketing material to support asking a premium price for your coach?

  • Are you aware of any issues that may need repair, prior to putting your coach on the market?

Scheduling an RV inspection can provide you with answers to the above questions and will provide you with a comprehensive report with photographs that you can give to potential buyers, creating that trusting relationship and decreasing the selling time of your RV. 

Points of Inspection

Exterior Components

✓Roof✓Roof Type✓General Roof Condition✓Joints and Seals✓Vents✓Vent covers✓Plumbing vents✓Air Conditioning Covers and Exterior Coils✓Ladder✓Satellite Antenna✓Radio Antenna✓Refrigerator Vent✓Skylight(s)✓Storage Containers✓Spot lights✓Air Horns✓Solar Panels✓Signs of Equipment removed


Side Walls✓Walls –Front, Rear and Sides✓Type of Construction✓Front type of Construction and Condition✓Street Side Wall Construction and Condition✓Curb Side Wall Construction and Condition✓Rear type of Construction and Condition✓Decals and Paint✓Corner Joints, Trim and Gutters


Doors - ✓Entrance Doors✓Condition of Door(s)✓Screens✓Decals and Trim✓Latch and Lock Systems


Windows  - ✓Windows✓Type of Windows✓Condition of Windows✓Emergency Windows✓Seals and Gaskets✓Window Screens


Storage - ✓Storage Compartments✓Door and Interior Compartment Conditions✓Door lock types✓Seals and Waterproofing✓Area around Compartment Condition✓Operation of Doors and Locks✓Hinges and gas cylinders✓Slide Out trays and Shelves✓Flooring and Interior Walls of Compartment✓Compartment Lights


Awnings - ✓Awnings✓Type of Awnings✓Sizes of Awning✓Fabric and its Condition✓Manual or Electric Operation✓Hardware and Locks Condition


Slide-Out Topper Awnings - ✓Slide-Out Topper Awnings✓Type of Awnings✓Sizes of Awning✓Fabric and its Condition✓Manual or Electric Operation✓Hardware and Locks Condition


Window Awnings - ✓Window Awnings✓Type of Awnings✓Sizes of Awning✓Fabric and its Condition✓Manual or Electric Operation✓Hardware and Locks Condition


Slide Out[s] - ✓Slide Out✓Type of Drive –Hydraulic, Electric, Cable or Schwintek✓Mechanical Operation of Slide System✓Condition of Seals✓Tracking/Rack System Type and Condition✓Over Ride Operation Feature✓Misc. Trim and Decals of Slides


Exterior –Chassis/Frame✓Frame and Components✓Frame Type and Condition✓Axles, Springs, Shocks and Hanger Components✓Wheels/Tires and Rims –Type and Condition✓Brake Types and Condition✓Spare Tire and Mounting Rack✓Leveling/Stabilization System Type and Condition✓Operation of Leveling/Stabilization System✓Hitch and Pin Box Equipment✓Chains and Break Away Switch Operation


Steps - ✓Type of Steps –Manual/Electric✓Condition and Operation✓Non –Skid stripes and Grab Handles



Chassis Lights - ✓Chassis Lights and Markers✓Types of Light Bulbs✓Operation of Turn Signals, Marker Lights, Brake Lights and Other Lights


Chassis Voltage System - ✓Visual Condition of Batteries✓Visual Condition of Cables and Connectors✓Disconnect Switch and Battery Watering System

Misc. Electrical System - ✓Cable TV Hook Up✓Satellite TV Hook Up


Utilities - ✓12 Volt DC House (Coach) Voltage –Deep Cycle✓Visual Condition of Batteries✓Visual Condition of Cables and Connectors✓Disconnect Switch and Battery Watering System✓Converter Operation✓Interior Lights and Fans✓Exterior Porch and Security Lights✓Antenna Signal Booster


Electrical - ✓120 Volt AC House/Pedestal Power✓Visual Inspection of Power Cord✓Verify Power from Pedestal✓Perform Hot Skin Test✓Inspect Interior of Breaker Panel Box✓Breakers and Wiring✓Operation of GFCI Circuits✓Polarity of all Wall Receptacles✓Operation of Ceiling Fans and Lights


Inverter - ✓Type and General Condition and Operation of Inverter✓Cables, Wiring and Fuses✓Verify Operation of Inverter with Load


Generator - ✓Type and Operation of Generator✓Oil and Filter✓Fuel/Prime Switch Operation✓Circuit Breaker Operation✓Verify Operation with Load


Plumbing –City Fresh Water✓City Hook Up Condition✓Verify Inline Check Valve✓Inspect the Inline Water Filter✓Faucets and Shower Fixtures✓Shower Doors, Racks and Other Hardwar


Plumbing –On Demand Water System✓Verify Water Tank will hold Water✓Test Water Pump operation for pressure✓Does Water System hold pressure?✓Do all water fixtures function✓Verify Operation of Exterior Shower✓Verify Seal Cap on Discharge Line


Plumbing –Black Water Waste Systems✓Valve and Handle operation✓Check Sealing of Valve✓Tank Wash System Function✓Toilet Flapper Seal Holding Water


Plumbing –Gray Water Waste Systems✓Valves and Handles operation✓Check Sealing of Valves

Propane System - ✓Inspect Condition of ASME Tank or DOT Cylinder(s)✓Date of DOT Cylinders✓High Pressure hose and fittings Condition✓Inspect Regulator, Cover and Positioning✓Verify Inline Regulator on Split DOT Cylinders✓Perform Leak Test –8” W.C. for 3 to 5 min. –Document Test Procedure


Refrigerator - ✓Make and Model of Refrigerator✓Operates on various Heat Sources✓Doors Latch and Seal correctly✓Can Refrigerator maintain its temperature range?✓Recall Kit Installed✓Does Condensate Line Drain✓Interior Light Function


Water Heater - ✓Make and Model of Water Heater✓General Condition of Unit✓Operates on various Heat Sources✓By Pass Valve Operate✓Anode Rod (Suburban required)✓Tank Sludge✓Dauber Screens Installed


Furnace - ✓Make and Model of Furnace✓General Condition of Unit✓Operates Properly✓Does Furnace motor Function Properly?✓Dauber Screens Installed


Cook Top/Stove - ✓Make and Model of Cook Top/Stove✓General Condition of Unit✓Oven burner and Top Burners Light as Designed✓Exhaust Fan (vent a hood) Functions


Air Conditioner(s) - ✓Make and Models of Air Conditioner(s)✓Ducted/Non-Ducted/T-Stat/Manual Control✓Filter Clean✓Plenum Divided and Sealed✓# of Degrees Delta T for each Unit


Microwave - ✓Make and Model of Microwave✓General Condition of Unit✓Heats Cup of Water✓Turn Table and Components in Microwave


Washer/Dryer - ✓Make and Model of Each Unit✓General Condition of Units✓Operate Washer and Dryer


Ceiling Condition and Appearance - ✓General Condition of Ceiling and Skylights✓Discoloration, Damage or Stain✓Operation of Roof Vents✓Light Switch and Fixtures


Walls Condition and Appearance - ✓General Condition of Walls✓Damage, Discoloration or Stains✓Have Repairs Been Performed✓Window Coverings/Shades


Floors Condition and Appearance - ✓General Condition of Floors✓Carpet/Vinyl✓Water Damage/Soft Spots✓Repairs Performed


Cabinets Condition and Appearance - ✓Cabinets/Trim Work✓Condition of Doors, Drawers and Bookshelves✓Countertop and Sink Condition✓Hardware and Latches✓Previous Repairs


Furniture Condition and Appearance - ✓General Condition of the Furniture/Accessories✓Damages/ Repairs/Replaced Units✓Matching Fabrics with Décor


Entertainment Components - ✓Model and Serial Numbers of all pieces Entertainment Components✓Do all Components Function


Vehicle Data Information - ✓Inspection Sticker/License Plate Current✓GVW and CCC information


Motor Home Chassis - ✓General Condition of Cockpit/Navigation Area✓Mileage/Hours✓Dash Controls/Gauges


Engine Compartment - ✓Clean Engine/Transmission✓Oil/Fluids✓Hoses/Belt/Radiator/Fans Condition


Exhaust System - ✓General Condition of Exhaust System✓Exhaust Pipe/Converter/Muffler/Brackets in Place


Accessories & Misc. - ✓Back Up Camera✓Misc. Itemsen the client and the RV Inspector.

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